Will there be e -mobility on sale in 2014 - 2015 's, when exactly?

Will it sell at all ?When the e -mobility on sale in Russia ?What does Mikhail Prokhorov ?Why still do not sell ?

Is there a traffic ban stops on the lawn, bike path, footpath?

Does SDA item or items that prohibit to make a stop and / or park on the lawn, a cycle track, footpath?

Paragraph 12.4 SDA RF read by me.But there I found no such prohibitions.

Why the police did not react to the actions of the driver ?

One driver did not bring a driver's license .It was one-way traffic sign, but he moved in the opposite direction .The policeman saw it, but did not stop it?Why?

For what purpose are changing left-hand traffic on the roads in the right-hand ?

There is a theory that this has something to do with the left and right hemisphere of the brain, but just can not understand - why and what are the pros right-hand traffic ?

Whether to allow the SDA movement of vehicles with stickers?

It allowed, according to the current Russian Traffic regulations and other legislative acts, traffic on the public roads of vehicles with stickers( external image)?

Nissan Note or Honda Fit?What are the reviews about them?

I have a family, a small budget, will use the car mainly for the city.The city is not a mountain, plain .Do you think a good option ?